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singing quietly in the darkness

[ashes of the phoenix]

they call me dr. love
22 January
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Some days are good, some days aren't. Sometimes you feel like dancing, sometimes you can't. Some showers you feel like singing, some you don't. Sometime it'll take something unexpected to know yourself, sometime you'll realize you already know.

This is what I refer to, while snickering at the reference, the residual image of my digital self.

The WeatherPixie The WeatherPixie
To the left, San Francisco Gothic Thermometer
To the right, Spokane Gothic Thermometer
(you know, in case weather actually matters when you're indoors and online)

Tarot Cards
A vortex of sexual energies run wild and untapped (the one in the middle, you whores!)
Divinatory Meanings: It is a card of emotion and passion but the heart of the card is easily tapped by the true good spirit. She may seem, well, prude but it's not her fault. She also has unfinished issues but a firm blow to the head knocks those out. Did we put enough of a disclaimer with this card, because she really is kind of crazy. I mean, if she hurts you then we don't want your family coming after us with a lawsuit. That's just not cool man.
Reversed: Monotony, logic, black & white perceptions, simplicity, putting out on the first date.
Alliances: See these two lovely ladies under her arms? They're hot and she wants them. Not you. She might call herself "try-sexual" except that she doesn't like to try new things. PS - This card lies. She is, in fact, sane and normal. And boring. Stay away from that one, let me tell you. PPS - She still likes men too. Just in case, you know, it matters. PPPS - Oh shit. Never mind. Love me?

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Who's a purdy sexy druggie? Come on, who's a sexy druggie? Awww, look at the red-eyed sexy druggie passed out on the floor! Awww, she's so cute when she's sleeping!!!

Gir is eccentric love